Living Verona

The five tourist units are located in the heart of Verona; the first two, Cadrega Rosso (red) and Cadrega Papaveri (poppies), are on Via San Salvatore Vecchio # 5, inside Palazzo Sancassani, the other three are on Corticella Cadrega # 7 and #9. A few steps from the front door you can admire all the treasures of the city. Three hundred metres away, you will find the Piazza delle Erbe, the meeting place of the Veronese from breakfast till aperitivo. You will notice the Lamberti Tower which is accessible from the steps of the Regional Office in the old Market Square. A series of small squares intersect with the center Piazza dei Signori, commonly called Piazza Dante because of the statue of the great poet who is present there. The author of the Divine Comedy was in Verona, during his exile, and was often a guest of the Lords Della Scala, whose graves are located just beyond the square, in so-called "Scaliger". In the courtyard adjacent there are also the “Scaligeri Excavations", now the museum of photography.

Close by at only 450 metres you can visit the Cathedral and at 350 meters the beautiful Church of Santa Anastasia with the famous fresco by Pisanello - Saint George, the princess and the dragon which will charm you. Other monuments within easy walking distance are the Basilica of San Zeno (1,600 meters), patron saint of the city, the Arena, home to summer concerts and a full calendar of opera (650 meters) its impressive size overlooking Piazza Bra which is busy with tourists, while on the side of the Roman amphitheater the Via Mazzini, lined with boutiques. Walking along this pedestrian street away from the Arena, you arrive at Via Cappello and the courtyard of Juliet's famous balcony.

Have we forgotten anything? The Castelveccchio is definitely a place not to be missed. It now houses the art collection of the City of Verona, with works by Veronese, Tintoretto, Tiepolo and the great masters who represent the fourteenth century, a time of great cultural flourishing under the leadership of the Scala family.

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