“Le Cadreghe" is a group of rental apartments located in the heart of Verona in the neighbourhood called Carega, one of the most intimate and evocative of the historical centre of Verona. What is a Carega? It is a dialect word meaning chair. Legend has it that the chair belonged to King Theodoric or Bishop Carega. Verona has a rich tradition of legends and everywhere you look you will find evidence of a fabulous past. The Cadrega is the thread that joins all the apartments- each characterized by a distinct chair. The apartments can be rented for one night or a short weekend but also for a week long holiday or even a longer stay of up to 6 months.


  • Cadrega Rossa

    Apartment living room, basement and sleeping loft....

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  • Cadrega Papaveri

    This is a large studio apartment with separate sleeping area decorated in ultra modern style. ...

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  • Cadrega Arcobaleno

    Situated on the third floor (top floor) of the building, this apartment has a small loft where a cot can be added....

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  • Cadrega Bianca

    Situated on the second floor above Cadrega Città, where one can get a feel of the smaller streets of the neighbourhood when looking out the window....

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  • Cadrega Città

    Situated on the ground floor, this one bedroom apartment with private entrance has easy access to the road and is ideally suited for families with children....

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«I looked around and my mind began to wonder why the place was so special. Breathed #love. Here and there in the room #hearts of every color and size peeped through. This made me feel like I was in a special place which was built from the heart. Because if, as I believe, nothing happens by chance, discovering them with my husband and daughter was meant to be. The heart. That's what makes the difference in life and in our choices.»



«The structure that welcomes us is a gem, small but nice apartments in the city center. We arrived at "The Cadreghe" in the morning after our brief but intense journey by car and I fell in love immediately. [...] The apartment is ideal for accommodating families, with all the necessary services, be it an extra cot or microwave oven, and thanks to its proximity to the main attractions of the city (Piazza delle Erbe and Arena, just to name a few) there is no need to have the car or other means of transport.»


Valigia e Passeggino


  • 1
    The streets of rice
    Among the typical dishes of Verona, the excellence abound: the prized Vialone and Tortellini of Valeggio. Here is a nice tour to discover these delights....
  • 2
    Lake Garda
    Full of green spaces, places to stay and visit on the lake from the shores of Verona and Brescia all the way up to the shores of Trentina. Curious places, art and culture not to be missed....
  • 3
    Valpolicella, land of fine wines few kilometres from Verona
    Valpolicella is a hilly area a few kilometers from the city of Verona, famous worldwide for producing excellent wines like the prestigious Amarone....
I Furrizza
The same reception given in Verona you can also find in Gangi at I Furrizza, tourist apartment in the heart of the Sicily. Visit the website.